All women can admit that an all black look never fails. As much as you may want to stray away from the staple (non) color, you just can’t mange to. And honestly why would you? This shade is flattering, chic and easy to style. But to refrain from wearing the same old black uniform, here are a few tips to try the next time you’re styling all black.

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Boots/heels Styling with a sexy boot or heel always finishes up a sleek black look. Here I chose knee length suede boots with layered cutout details that prettied up the top line of the boot.


Textures– Mixing different textures can take a basic black fit and instantly chic it up. I love black faux leather and I usually style it in a variation of pants, coats, or skirts while adding either a sheer blouse or a sweater to complete the look. For this look, I coordinated a knitted turtleneck sweater and an above the knee faux leather skirt. I purchased this skirt from F21 over 3 years ago for $20 and it has been a staple in my closet ever since.

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Details- Its all in the details girl! When shopping and I run across black clothing, I always look for even the minor details that will make a particular black item different than the tons I probably already have at home; such as this knitted sweater that was a dead on winner simply because of the aligned gold rings on the sleeves.

Of course no black ensemble is complete without a red lippie!

How do you like to style all black? Drop some gems below.kashera-fuller


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