Knits Over Coffee loves interacting and receiving feedback from our readers. We created this forum to not only allow you to ask personal advice on fashion and beauty and whatever else, but to also give you a glimpse of our individuality that collectively comes together to bring you content weekly. So take a rest from staring at your dull computer screen at work because you are now on a #coffeebreak.

How was the name, Knits Over Coffee, created?

Kashera: Ahhh, where do I begin? lol.. Coincidentally we were in Starbucks brainstorming of a name for hours over coffee. We wanted to incorporate something that we loved and somehow tie it in with the letter ‘K’ for Kira & Kashera. We definitely did not want to use the obvious fashion words such as style, fashion, closet etc. We wanted a name that was corky, catchy and drew our audience in. We decided to go with coffee because thats something we both love. So for a while, we were coming up with different names that incorporated the word coffee. I finally came up with the name ‘Style Over Coffee,’ but we quickly discovered that name was taken and also, we did not want to use the word style. We then came up with Knits Over Coffee. At first we both laughed at the name because it was different, but oddly enough it worked! Knits, sweaters, turtlenecks are our favorite article of clothing, it starts with a K and its not an obvious fashion word. It’s literally the perfect name to describe us and I’m so happy with it!

Kira- Uh, what she said 🙂 But essentially the name ties into what we were actually discussing at the time of creating it, so it was kind of destined to be.

Where did the inspiration come from in collaborating to create a blog?

Kashera: I’m kind of a fashion fanatic. I know all girls love fashion, but anyone that knows me personally knows I pretty much live, breathe and eat fashion lol. I’ve constantly been told as a young girl that I should dabble into the fashion industry, but I never knew exactly what part of the industry I wanted to involve myself in. I’ve always been into reading fashion blogs, magazines, watching YouTube channels pretty much anything involving fashion media. Reading other blogs was inspiring, but not satisfying enough and I knew eventually I wanted to create my own content. I decided to bring the idea to Kira because I knew two brains would be better than one. She’s creative, loves fashion and is my very best friend, so it was only right to include her in my vision.

Kira: With Kashera being the YouTube fanatic, she wanted to created a YT page highlighting our style and beauty but I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea because I am slightly camera shy. However, the idea of me doing a fashion blog has been tossed around for years mostly from my closest friends & family and I always ignored it but when Kashera brought the idea to the table about creating a joint blog, I was a little hesitant and she was persistent lol, but then I thought what better way to dive into a new opportunity than with my bestie.

What are your overall goals with Knits Over Coffee?

Kashera: My short term goal would be to just enjoy blogging. We created this blog as a hobby and I genuinely enjoy creating content for our readers. Eventually I would love for us to collaborate with some of our favorite brands as well as create a YT. Long term we would love open up a store. Overall, I’m just so grateful and blessed to be able to showcase my passion to the world. I am super excited to see what the future holds for Knits Over Coffee, I can not wait to watch us and the blog grow as a whole.

Kira: Same here, I want to ultimately have fun doing what I love and sharing it with you all. I never thought I would enjoy blogging as much as I do! In the future, I would love to see KOC become a brand and be involved in infinite opportunities. My vision has always been to become a store owner and I believe creating this blog is just the beginning in fulfilling that. I am just excited to see us evolve as business women and the evolution of Knits Over Coffee.

Do you provide styling services?

Knits Over Coffee: Knits Over Coffee does not provide styling services at this time simply due to minimal experience and lack of interest. However, we enjoy providing our readers with our own personal fashion tips weekly and hope that it is inspiring.

Are pencil skirts still in?

Kira: *Looks down at my pencil skirt. Um yeah! I love the versatility of a pencil skirt and how I can style this one piece for work, a social scene or even a date. I am also a huge fan of the midi length pencil skirts that are so on trend right now from the basics to prints.

Kashera: Is the sky blue?! Of course they’re in! Especially if you work in a business casual/business attire environment such as I do. I think it’s been modernized with the whole midi skirt trend, but pencil skirts are a classic that will never go out of style.

What are your favorite online stores?

Kira: Zara (during their seasonal sales) and Asos.

Kashera: A lot of my favorite online sites are actual stores, but they’re just not available in my area – lame! I’d have to narrow my top 5 down to Asos, Zara, River Island, Topshop & Poshmark. Not really sure if posh counts, but honestly I pick up majority of my pieces brand new from there. It’s my obsession.

When wearing wide leg trousers and heels where should the end of the pant leg hit?

Kira: I am all for a trouser literally dragging on the floor so that my heel is completely covered, but if that is simply not your forte, I suggest opting for a heel that allows the end of your trouser leg to hit mid heel.

Kashera: I completely agree with Kira. I don’t like for the hem of the pants to get messed up, but at the same time the pant needs to be long enough to cover the heel. You want to make sure the trousers are about a half an inch up from dragging on the floor. Hope this helps!

Do you shop at those stores that ship from China?

Kira: I have personally had the worse experience with those retailers, even just recently. The faulty items are either too short in length or the quality sucks. Although the shipping is usually cheap, to return unfortunately isn’t unless you come across a China based site that provides free returns. The same shipping and return cautions can go for UK retailers as well so just be careful and read their policies before purchasing.

Kashera: I’ve never been opposed to shopping with China based retailers, but I’ve kind of been turned off by Kira’s experiences. I’m all about quality and from what I hear shopping on China based sites are hit or miss. Online shopping in general is risky; therefore to minimize the risk, I tend to stick to sites in which I am aware of the quality, fit and sites that have a good return policy.

Is matching too much?

Kira: No, I think matching sets are genius and if you are lucky enough to find matching separates go for it girl! Just be careful when it comes to matching prints as they can be overwhelming and too busy.

Kashera: I’m all about matching! I say step out of your comfort zone and try a color matching set. I personally prefer soft colors like pastels, nothing too loud. As Kira stated I’d definitely stay away from prints. I actually have a post coming soon where I wore an all pink look with snake print booties! Stay tuned doll.

I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a few hair tutorials. I love the diversity between you two and I am a girl who loves wearing both my hair natural and sleek bone straight. I would love some tips.

Kira: As Knits Over Coffee is expanding so is our tutorial game. I love trying new heatless styles on my natural hair and can not wait to share with our readers  how I achieve these looks in front of a camera. Make sure you check out my earlier post on twist outs 😉

Kashera: We definitely have hair tutorials coming! Kira is fully natural and I’m currently transitioning to natural from texturized (under processed hair) and we plan on sharing our journey with you guys! I too love to straighten my hair. One tip I can give you now is to try to minimize straightening to once a month, twice max!

♥When it comes to makeup, what are the best nude lippies for brown skin tones to rock into the spring time?

Kashera: You read my mind! I have a post coming soon about my favorite nude lippies. I don’t want to give away the answers yet, but what I will tell you is to invest in a good brown lipliner. Major key when it comes to the perfect nude lip.

Make sure to leave any additional questions below. We will be sure to answer them during our next coffee break!kashera-fuller


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