Zip It!

Do you ever buy pieces just to have them? I must admit, it’s one of my guilty pleasures. I will proudly give myself the title of an impulse buyer, especially if there is a sale. These zip trousers were added to my “impulse buys” collection back in November. I’ve been dying to wear them, but quite frankly I never have anywhere to go; so why not take a picture and wear them on the blog (like most of my outfits) lol.
IMG_0076 copy copyIMG_0083 copy

Okay, so onto the deets about these pants. You’d probably never guess, but they’re from H&M. Yes, you read that correctly…H&M! The quality of these pants are insane, especially for what I paid. They’re powder pink, real suede and the zippers literally unzip all the way to the top of the trousers. These retailed for $200, but they were going for $40! So, of course the impulse buyer in me just had to have them.

Edited copyEdited6 copyIMG_0091As if I don’t have enough zippers on my pants, I added a black jacket with matching exposed zippers to finish off the look.

IMG_0119 copy

For only $40, I’d have to say this was the best impulse buy of 2015! Now who’s ready for 2016?

Sweater – Zara | Pants – H&M | Pumps – Zara | Jacket – H&Mkashera-fuller

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