I am all about flares!, but I have never owned extra flared trousers like this eye catching pair from Zara. When I first set my eyes on these I knew I had to have them, but not for the original price of $130! I am a bargain gal after all, so I patiently waited until Zara’s annual A/W sale. Thank the fashion gods I did because I snagged these for only $15!! *insert happy tears lol*

IMG_1143 copy

Not going to lie, when I first saw these online I was like, “Whoa, that is a lot of flare…even for me and where am I going in these?” But I took a chance and would have worn these to the grocery store if I had to, but thankfully I have this blog to showcase how perfect they are lol.

IMG_1115 copyThe reason I always gravitate towards flares is because not only do they look great on my long figure, but I love how slim/fitted they are at the top yet mid way they literally just flare out. These massive flares are so detailed that you could simply wear a tank, but I paired them with a cropped faux fur and a black mid length lace sleeve blouse. This look is definitely giving me a modern day 70’s vibe.

IMG_1137 copy

Lace Blouse – Zara | Cropped Faux Fur – Thrift Store | Flares – Zarakashera-fuller


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