Travel Break-LA x LV

After almost a two week hiatus, we are back after a short vacation to Los Angeles/ Las Vegas for Kashera’s 25th birthday which was this past Monday. This was our very first time on the west coast and while we are trying our hardest to get back on east coast timing, we thought we would share the memories we captured! Our trip was filled of site seeing and good eats, so we just had to do a recap for you guys!

We arrived in LA on Friday morning and stayed in the middle of DTLA at one of the Marriott hotels in LA Live. The location was perfect! It was central to everything and each day we woke up to a beautiful view of downtown pictured below.

IMG_3986 copy copy

The first place we visited was The Grove, which is pretty much an outside mall full of different high street shops like Topshop, Zara, etc.

IMG_2592-1024x683 copyIMG_9120IMG_9632

We then stumbled across The Farmer’s Market not too far from The Grove and fell in love! We both enjoy eateries, so this place was pretty much heaven for us lol. We decided on Mexican food – one of our favorites. Kira was too greedy to snap a pic of her food, so here’s what Kashera indulged in.

IMG_2553-1024x683 copyIMG_2552-1024x683 copy

The food was amazing and sooo fresh! We recommend this place and The Farmer’s Market in general for food if you’re ever visiting or already live in LA. There’s so many different type of food vendors; trust me even the pickiest eater could find something to enjoy there!

The next day our plan was to wake up at the crack of dawn to hike the Runyon Canyon, but unbeknownst to us, the park was closed. Somehow we ended up on Hollywood Hills and had the time of our lives.

FullSizeRender 2 copy copyIMG_4037 copyIMG_4047 copy

The views on top of the hills were unbelievable!

image-17-1024x683 copyIMG_2636-1024x683 copy This was probably the highlight of our trip! We spent almost 3 hours on the hills being big kids. If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll see videos of us attempting to do the running man challenge – key word, ATTEMPTING! haha.

Below are more pictures of LA, Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

IMG_2689-1024x683 copyFullSizeRender 3IMG_2866-1024x683 copyimage-6-1024x683 copy

Las Vegas

image-9-1024x683 copy

While Kashera & I both have never been huge fans of visiting Vegas, we figured what the heck, we are too close to Vegas to not go! So, we traveled from LA to Vegas on our last day and when we say it was everything we thought it would be from the architecture to the bright lights that were reminiscent to NYC. While we didn’t indulge in the nightlife, we made up for it by visiting the attractions the famous strip had to offer.

IMG_3147 copyimage-13-1024x683 copy

What’s a Vegas trip without engaging in some of the talent the strip has to offer, like this artist that drew a cartoon replica of us and our friend? lol hold all jokes please.

image-16-1024x683 copy

This trip was a great experience and definitely eventful. A few tips we would suggest though for first time visitors to California are:

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes – We did a lot of walking! That was expected because Cali is huge, but remember comfort can still be achieved while being stylish.
  • Rent a car – A major lesson we learned was that Uber and Lyft can get pretty pricey when wanting to be tourists in such a major city and it also limits you to other cities like San Diego and San Francisco (these are definitely on the list for next time!), so your best bet is renting a car and finding a cheap parking garage in your hotel area. There were a few in our vicinity in DTLA.
  • Plan an itinerary – Like we mentioned, Cali is a big state and if your only visiting for a few days, as we did, trying to crunch in all attractions can be difficult so a key tip would be to map out your must do’s and make sure they are attainable.

Until next time California & Vegas!

Make sure you check back next week for looks from our vacation!kashera-fuller


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