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With summer quickly approaching, we have been trying to get into our best shape ever. After joining a new gym over a month ago and changing our diet, we thought we would share a few of our weekly workout routines! Quick advisory, we are not experts nor fitness trainers, but we enjoy doing the exercises below that work for us. While we love workout classes, we tend to focus on weight training in the gym.

Remember dolls, in-between sets be sure to keep your rest periods at a minimum to maximize your workout. If you are not familiar with the technical names of the exercises listed below, no worries, we included links that will direct you to a pictorial that goes into depth about each exercise. But enough chatter, lets get into our fitness break!

Warm Up:

IMG_2368 copy

We always begin our workout with a 2/3 mile run and follow up with thoroughly stretching as our warm up.

Back Exercises:

IMG_2382 copy

The exercise above is called the “bent over barbell row.” When working on the back muscle, we go a little heavier on the weight and do about 5 sets of 12 reps (perform 12 barbell rows 5 times) .

Other back exercises we love are lat pulldowns, dumbbell rows, and seated cable rows.

Below you’ll see a picture of Kashera demonstrating the lat pulldown exercise.

IMG_2465 copy

Ab Exercises:

IMG_2390 copyIMG_2386 copy

This exercise is called the “reverse bench crunches.” You can either do this flat on a mat or like Kira demonstrated above, on an ab bench machine. These can be a killer, so we normally do as many reps as our body allows us to.

IMG_2424 copy

Another effective ab exercise is the “ab roller.” The trick to this is trying to roll as far as you can without touching the ground or mat and of course always maintaining tight abs.

Some other favorite ab exercise are flat bench knee ups and an oldie, but goodie, crunches.

Leg Exercises:

IMG_2501 copy

With “calf raises,” you definitely want to go heavy on the weights and remember to raise your heels as high as possible. You will definitely feel these in the morning!

5 sets of 12 reps.

More of our favorite exercises for leg day are leg press (pictured below), deadlifts, leg curls (pictured below), leg extensions, and of course squats (pictured below).

IMG_2463 copyIMG_2493 copy IMG_4183 copy

Bicep Exercises:

IMG_2392 copy

The key to the “standing dumbbell bicep curl” is keeping your elbows close to your sides and keeping your lower body still.

5 sets of 12 reps.

Other favorite bicep exercises are barbell curls or standing dumbbell bicep hammer curls.

Tricep Exercises:

IMG_2428 copy IMG_2438 copy

 Kashera makes “tricep dips” look so easy lol, however, these really burn yet show great results!  Make sure not to lock those elbows.

Other triceps exercises we love are cable press-downs and overhead extensions. Luckily when working the triceps, you can go light on the weight and will still produce results.

Below Kashera is demonstrating the “tricep kickbacks.”

IMG_2445 copy

Shoulder Exercises:

IMG_2412 copy

Dumbbell lateral raises” can be strenuous, so find a comfortable weight that works for you. Make sure the dumbbells are at shoulder level when lifting.

5 sets of 12 reps.

IMG_2524 copy

The “shoulder press” exercise is very effective. You can do this exercise either sitting on a bench or standing.

5 sets of 12 reps.

Other shoulder exercises we enjoy are forward/front dumbbell raises, and upright barbell rows.

We hope this post was informative. Now head to your local gym and lets get to work!

IMG_2536 copykashera-fuller


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