Life Update

 Where the hell have you been koc?!

We know, we know.. it’s been well over two months, *cough* three, months since we’ve posted a proper blog post and we are soooo sorry! We’ve missed you guys so much and will never go on a hiatus like that again. Honestly, it felt super weird not blogging and the entire time we felt a huge void, but no worries we are back!

How do we even begin updating you guys? I guess we can start with the obvious, our new look! If you’ve visited koc before, then you’ll notice that we changed our layout. While we loved the girly feel of the previous layout, we wanted something more modern and simplistic. Definitely let us know what you guys think about the change. And lastly, we upgraded our camera so look forward to improved quality photos. We are super excited about this!!

Now for the real tea, but really where have we actually been!?….


Omg I have so much to update you all on, but I’m going to keep it brief otherwise this post will be 300 pages haha. The last time you all saw me was after my birthday when Kira & I went to LA/Vegas. Since then, I’ve had some major changes happen that I’m super happy about. First, I started a new job. Starting a new position is always exciting, yet nerve wrecking, but so far I love it! Another big change is I finally started a Master’s program. I’ve been talking about this for years, but kept putting it off because I honestly hate school lol. Don’t get me wrong I love to learn, it’s just school is so time consuming and expensive so I made sure I gave my brain and my pockets a break before jumping into grad school. I’m currently enrolled in a MBA program with a concentration in Healthcare Management. Just in case any of you were wondering, I graduated undergrad with a B.S in Health Service Management. My goal is to graduate in December 2017 as the valedictorian – not sure if I’m reaching, but you gotta set your goals high man! lol.


Me on the other hand, I was busy doing a little traveling. Besides the frequent trips to Richmond, VA to help one of my best friends fulfill my maid of honor duties, I also visited Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, DC, Dominican Republic, and most recently Tennessee. Sorry that I didn’t share my travels with you, but I promise to never keep your guys out of the loop again! Any who, whew!! A girl is kind of tired, but also excited to get back to bringing you guys some weekly content with my favorite gal, Kashera. This has been a long overdue hiatus, but Knits Over Coffee is back!

Our plan is to post content twice a week, so be sure to check back starting next week for consistent posts. Also, we want to engage with you guys more so don’t hesitate to leave a post and/or video requests! Love ya and thanks for your continued support 😘cropped-Kashera-Fuller.jpg


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