Just Kicking It


Yes! Your eyes are correct, I am wearing sneakers! Growing up I was never the girl in sneakers and always opted for heels or flats. But in more recent years, I have traded my heels in for kicks for those days when I feel like being cute but also extremely comfy.  Luckily for me, running shoe designs now have a more modern look that’s perfect for the girl that wants to still be stylish.

This day happened to be the Saturday after Black Friday and of course after stuffing my face for the past 2 days and doing entirely too much online and store shopping, I needed to relax. My outfit of the day was definitely a reflection of that, so I chose to style these shoes with a casual midi dress and grey wide cut collar open front cardi-coat that was a compliment to the grey details in the shoe.


When shopping for sneakers recently, I definitely wanted comfort and that is exactly what I got with these Nike’s! The lightweight foam mid-sole for cushioning is love and the support is perfect for those weekend errands consisting of errands and shopping ;).


Cardi coat – Primark | Midi Dress – TJ Maxx | Sneakers – Nike Air Presto


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