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Black has always been my favorite color to wear. From it’s simplicity, to it’s sliming effect, black is just a classic color that will never go out of style. Do you guys remember when ‘all black everything’ was a thing? That was my monochrome before wearing all one color became popular haha. Even when incorporating different textures, wearing all black can get a bit boring and repetitive. To avoid that, I’ve been attempting to add more color into my wardrobe.

With that being said, Navy pulls in as a strong second and is my new go-to! Honestly, I think it’s just because of how close it is to black haha. It’s such a strong color that sometimes mimics black from a far, but up close you can see that hit of blue that takes your outfit from blah to bold. So in this look, I decided to have the two colors meet.

I started with this gorgeous navy blue turtleneck sweater dress by Reformation. The turtleneck on this guy is massive! I wish it photographed as massive as it is in person, but hopefully you get the drift. Because the dress is so short, it was only right that I paired it with some otk boots. I scored these beauties during the Zara sale last season. They’re labeled as otk boots, but they’re obviously thigh highs on my petite legs (short girl probz) or in this case a win? I think so!

To stick with the navy theme (and to stay warm), I finished this look with this oversized navy puffer coat that I’m obsessed with! Puffers are huge this season again and I couldn’t be happier. Not only are they on trend, they’re actually super practical during the colder months. What I love about this one is it’s huge collar. Gives me total Dolce & Gabbana vibes, but on a Nordstrom Rack budget lol.

Coat – Soia and Kyo (similar here) | Dress – Reformation | Boots – Zara (similar here) | Bag – Kenzo

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