New Year, New Me?

Nope! Same ol’ me, sorry (not sorry) to disappoint haha.

But no seriously, Happy New Year guys! I know we’re already more than 2 weeks in, but I still can’t believe it’s 2018! 2017 treated me well, but there’s nothing like starting a new year. Call me crazy, but in my mind every January 1st it seems as if life presses an imaginary refresh button at midnight. Obviously I’m still the same person I was at 11:59pm, but it’s just something about the ball drop that signals a fresh start for me. With that reset comes a new set of yearly goals. Honestly, I do this monthly not just the beginning of the year. I love reflecting on the previous month and setting goals for the month ahead. It’s the planner/perfectionist in me, but we’ll get to that later lol. Today I wanted to share a few style goals that I set for myself as well as the blog for 2018.

2018  Style/Knits Over Coffee Goals:

  1. Originality – This year I really want to continue to focus on expressing my personal style, while being different. I’m honestly tired of seeing every blogger/Instagram influencer/or whoever in the same sh*t. I’m guilty of feeding into trends as well, but that’s all about to change. Now there’s definitely nothing wrong with creating and putting your spin on a look that originated from some sort of inspiration (runway looks, bloggers, etc.) but this year I want to focus on doing my own thing and becoming my own inspiration.
  2. Less Shopping, More Creating – Ya girl is a shopaholic. Always have been and probably always will be, but I do plan on cutting down shopping A LOT. Last year I started implementing this rule of only buying/keeping pieces that I 100% love, but the issue is I love everything! lol. 2018 will be different. I really want to play with the pieces I already have in my closet. I plan on tapping into my creative side and pulling different looks using pieces I already own. Wish me luck on this goal because if I’m completely honest, I’ve already been shopping the sales (don’t judge me).
  3. No More Perfectionism – This is a big one guys. I promise you I am the worst perfectionist EVERRRR. Being a perfectionist is literally a catch 22. I think it’s great that I want to put my best foot forward in everything that I do, but it also sucks when I over analyze or over think things to the point where I just don’t want to put out content. This is something I seriously want to change and probably is my #1 goal out of all of them.
  4. Personal Content – As far as Knits Over Coffee, one of my main goals is to express myself more on blog posts. I actually love to write and I definitely have more to talk about than clothes, so I want to open up more on here and discuss real life things that may be going on whether in my life, the world, or whatever comes to my mind. If I don’t hit this goal, just know it’s because of goal #3 haha.
  5. Youtube – I want us to create consistent Youtube videos. This is definitely gonna be a hard one because I’m camera shy and awkward lol. On top of that, trying to figure out how to edit, get the perfect lighting, and trying not be weird all at the same time is hard asf, but I’m really gonna try my best to stick to this goal!

Now onto the outfit details. I’ve been putting comfort over style a lot these days and today’s outfit pretty much sums that up. I paired this olive green hoodie with the matching joggers and added a pair of floral boots. The heel is probably only an inch, so they’re super comfortable as well. As I stated via Instagram, the girly girl in me had to add some sort of feminine touch to the fit and I really love how the look turned out. Unfortunately this sweatsuit is sold out, but I did link a very similar one below!

Joggers – Sold out, but similar here | Hoodie – Sold out, but similar here | Boots – Sold out, exact dupe here

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  1. Rick January 16, 2018 / 7:58 pm

    Love reading your blogs! Looking forward to see you accomplish each goal;rooting for you!

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